BOpS presents Don Giovanni

Don Giovanni is a high flying lawyer with a marked history of womanising and manipulation. With his clerk, Leporello, Don Giovanni attends the Lawyers Ball and accidentally murders the High Judge after sexually assaulting his daughter. Over the course of the evening Giovanni spirals, dragging Leporello deeper into his world of seduction and deceit. New translation by Harry Benfield.

Winston Theatre

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Audience Warnings:

  • This performance contains themes of sexual abuse, violence and drug use.
  • Contains strong language.


Directed by Beatrice Paterson-Achenbach ast. Esther Rosewarne
Produced by Anastasia Kudryashova ast. Grace Mainon
Musical Direction Jack Kelly ast. Ailsa Campbell
Written By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Choreography Tilly Shoul
Stage Manager Matthew Gill and Trinity Hales
Stage Designer Rachael Stentiford
Chief Electrician Natalia Chan and Connor Davis
Deputy Stage Manager Dan Board and Dhara Pattanakul
Sound Engineer Nicholas Caddy and Matthew Randell